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Your MySchool Apps is branded for your school.

Your parent community can find it in the App Store by searching the school’s name. It can even be customised in the future for your school as required.


MySchool Apps includes an embedded absentee or sick note E-Form, so parents or students can submit details of absence back to the school.


MySchool Apps shows events in list format, month by month, and calendar format. Parents and students can also add school events to their own personal iPhone calendar at the click on a button.

Google Calendar iCal files can also be synchronised with the MySchool Apps calendar.

Change of Details

MySchool Apps includes an embedded change of details E-Form so parents and students can submit changes to their contact details back to the school.

Customised Content

Create your own custom content categories published right to your MySchool Apps in real-time.

MySchool Apps is not limited to a standardised set of content. Any content added can also be pushed as an Alert, right to the parent's phones.


Display published newsletters, forms, notes, permission slips, annual reports, or any document you require.

Website Integration

View MySchool Apps content directly on your website via the MySchool Apps Communication Centre website plug-in, or you can use your free and feature-rich MySchool Apps website for a completely seamless solution.


Password Protected Content

School administrators can password-protect any content category as required. This is great for adding a dedicated staff content category, or for any content you don't want to be seen by anyone outside the faculty or selected parts of the school community.

SMS and Email Reply Options

School administrators have the option to enable content entries to be replied to by the parent/student community

Any content can have an email and SMS reply option added - great for events requiring RSVPs or any entry requiring a reply.

Photo Gallery Option on any Entry

Multiple photos can be added to any content entry showing as a "slide your finger show" on your MySchool Apps.

Embedded Maps with GPS Directions

School administrators can embed maps in any content entry, enabling the user to get GPS directions - great for providing directions to sporting venues, theatre events, meetings etc.

  • Publishing content to your MySchool Apps Communication Centre will populate your website and MySchool Apps mobile Web & Mobile Native school App seamlessly.
  • Easily plug the MySchool Apps Communication Centre embed code into your website and let MySchool Apps maintain your events, news, newsletters, alerts and documents.
  • MySchool Apps Communication Centre website plug-in.
  • Integrate your MySchool Apps with your website via the MySchool Apps Communication Centre.
  • You can easily embed the MySchool Apps Communication Centre straight on your website.
  • You can update your site, and MySchool Apps mobile school app all at once.